Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"You Eat Like a Rabbit...But More Weird..."

I wouldn't say the people are typically understanding when it comes to the way I grub. A lot of times people are either scared, turned off, think it's ridiculous, think Im stupid, and usually have a good laugh. Then they go on thinking, "That girl is weird." 
Seriously...not joking
And while everyone may think I am a super eating freak of nature, there are reasons behind my oh so not of this world foody lifestyle.

SO, I thought I would explain it to anyone that cared.
As for you others who think it's funny that I enjoy eating plant food, go on and laugh, cuz it's delicious =]

Once upon a time there was me...
I was a pretty outgoing, normal life living highschool teenager. I wouldn't say I was the most active. I think when I went to the gym I ran maybe 5 minutes and I was done. I also enjoyed food. I could go ON and ON about my favorites! French bread, chocolate milk, Chipotle burritos, ceasar salads, cake, pizza, ice cream, some sour dough bread, white bread, any bread really. Now I am not saying eating these types of foods is wrong, I just ate alot...Let's just say I didn't understand portion control.

There was nothing wrong with my appearance. I wasn't "FAT" (I hate that word), but I wasn't healthy. Or really happy.
(Let's pretend I didn't own a green jelly bean Juicy jumpsuit and think it was sexy)

I wasn't comfortable in my appearance. What girl is though? I didn't always feel skinny, and I knew that I wasn't healthy. It bothered me alot. Not only thatm but I was sluggish. I always felt crampy, and bloated, and just BLAH. 

I was happy, but not really...(so deep)

THEN....the greatest blessing happened to me. I got sick! haha I know that sounds funny but just listen...
During my first semester at college I begin to have extreme stomach issues and pain. I went to the doctor and they did an X-ray of my insides. It was BLACK. My intestines were so backed up, I wasn't digesting alot of my food. SO they cleaned me out (if you know what I mean) made the black stuff go away, and then I went in for a little minor surgery. I had 3 procedures done while in college. 
Celiac disease and lactose intolerant.
I was BLOWN away. 
(For more on Celiac click HERE. For more on Lactose Intolerant click HERE)

I wasn't going to be able to eat BREAD! I wasn't going to be able to have ICE CREAM. I wasn't going to be able to eat with my friends at restaurants!! I was crushed...until I realized...

You see I had to start eating healthy. I ate plain chicken, and tons of veggies. I cut out processed foods completely. I ate SO clean for TWO years. I begin to feel AMAZING! I started to take up running, including races at the college...

I felt so energized. I had never felt that before. My stomach stop hurting, I was able to sleep, I wasn't so stressed out, my skin cleared up, and I was truly happy. I was healthy.

I didn't care what came my way, because I was strong! GRRRR

After two years of lack of gluten, I re took the test, and they said that I DIDN'T have Celiacs disease after all, but I was still lactose intolerant. Although it was frustrating, I knew that it was truly a blessing. If I hadn't had gone through what I had gone through, I could have lived an unhealthy life, and suffered because of that. 

Now I can run faster than ever, sleep better (kinda...I do have a newborn), and truly feel energized.

So here is the low down...
Do I drink milk: no (makes my tum tum hurt haha)
Do I eat dairy: Still makes me sick. Although I eat greek yogurt sometimes, and I LOVE goat cheese, which is a lot easier on my stomach
Do I eat meat: Rarely, but if I do it's usually chicken. 
Do I eat Eggs: Yes
Do I eat processed foods: No
I eat TONS of Rabbit food =] Fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats, etc
But I also don't limit myself Either

I have THIS every day:

Common...what did you expect.
 I love love love love chocolate. I have a dark chocolate every day. 
And I know I blog about treats and sweets. Don't get me wrong. I eat those too. I am not a freak. I have just learned to eat in moderation. It's...VERY....hard hahaha

SO, I hope I cleared some things up. You may still think I am a freak, but that's ok.
I still love ya!


  1. Hey my Mom is worse. By worse, I mean even more extreme. If you knew what diet she was on, you may or may not be up for it. BUT, if you're looking into making sure your body is all in order and clearing things out, try looking into the "Body Ecology Diet". It's not that tasty from what I've had of it, but it is supposedly very healthy. Also, try "The Fat Resistance Diet". That one is a bit better and probably more down your alley. I totally don't think you're weird and I bet you're a thousand times healthier than the average person. Good job for making that lifestyle change. And I wish I had been a better roommate while you were going through all of that pain in college.

  2. ari just to let you know you have always been an inspiration to me like seriously sometimes I am like would ari eat that... Anyway remember our HOE days ahh good times!