Monday, June 28, 2010

Heaven and Hell RETRY

Ok so a few weeks ago a posted about a cake I made called Heaven and Hell Cake. The cake turned out delicious but I wasn't impressed by the way it looked lol. The cake required lots of effort, and I got lazy in the end, and didn't do a very good job....

Ok so lets jump to today! A good friend of mine is celebrating their birthday today, and the LOVED the H & H cake. So I gave it another try.

This time I made it all from scratch, and took my time. Let me tell you, it came out alot better =] and a little prettier haha

Just a reminder, Heaven and Hell cake is layers of Devils food cake, peanut butter mousse, angel food cake, and chocolate ganache.

First off I made the angel food cake from scratch. I was a little worried about it, but it didn't fall flat at ALL! It was a proud moment.

Some of the layers in this cake include a peanut butter cream cheese mousse. Seriously, party in your mouth!

Nothing like using almost a whole 40 oz tub of peanut butter to do the trick!
Now think about this...Combine that peanut butter, with 3 bricks of cream cheese, some cream, and sugar and you have got your mousse. Are you still there...I think I got a cavity just looking at the picture =]
Then you wrap all the layers together and let it sit in the fridge. This is so it holds well. My last cake was leaning way to one side, so I made sure I did a better job this time.
Then you smear with ganache...chocolatey warm ganache...

I think I need a big glass of milk.

Baby Baby Baby Part 2!

As you know I was fortunate to have another baby shower at my parents house this past weekend.

And I had brought my *new* camera along, and took WAY too many pictures! And I just HAD to share!

Here I am with the two Grandmas-to-be =]

We played some pretty interesting games; including guess which melted candy bar is in the gross!

I opened gifts for my little baby girl...spoiled and blessed at the same time =]

Spent time with friends...

And my mom did the most amazing decorations. I swear she and Martha Stewart were separated at birth lol!

These were dresses I wore as a little girl. They were hung up around the house. Creative huh?!

My mom made this puffy tissue paper ball things. Aren't they cute!

Yummers! Homemade sugar cookies =]

Delicious Breakfast buffet! Crepes, potatoes, fruit, muffins, etc..

And we can't forget little Bella!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Puppy Love

This past weekend I had the opportunity for yet another baby shower =] (YEA! so fun!)
(I'll share about it in another post)
BUT for now...

I have to share about my lil' lil' puppy dogs =]

It was about 145 degrees at my parents house...haha...and with my pregnant self, I was feeling some pool time, and so were the puppers!

So we got them dressed in their little bathing suits...

made sure they had enough protection to fight the sunburn...

(One of my babies Bella was showin' a little skin...she knows shes hot! =])

...and then we enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon by the poolside.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Baby Baby Part 1

The hubby and I are extremely blessed to have the people we have in our lives =]

Especially AmAzInG grandparents who are going to spoil our little girl into pieces!

A couple weekends ago I had a baby shower thrown by some friends and my mother in law. This was baby shower #1 of TWO! I know...spoiled!
The other baby shower was at my parents house thrown by my mom and friends.
I will get to the 2nd baby shower in another post though...

There was a great turnout of friends and family at my first baby shower! I cannot believe how much the hubby and I are LOVED! I am SOOOO grateful! Having a baby is expensive (so i hear lol) but with the help and love of friends and family, I think our little princess will have enough outfits to last her till KINDERGARTEN! =] (A girl can NEVER have TOO many clothes!)

So the morning started out with a delicious brunch: Belgian waffles, parfaits, muffins, OJ, fruit, etc..YUM!

Then we played some games, one of which made me NEVER want to feed my child baby food! haha. We did this thing where we had to test different flavors and decide the type of food it was. Let me tell you...chicken and broth...GROSS!

Then I opened presents! Which I think was a realization that this baby is coming...and there ain't nothing stopping her! =]

All and all our lil' family is extremely blessed! I can't wait to hold that little girl in my arms!...and dress her up in PINK PINK PINK!!

Here are a few pictures from the day.
(I wanted to put them sporadically throughout the blog, but for some reason the computer is being difficult)

Monday, June 21, 2010


Let's just say I decided sunscreen was non-important for my white body...

I was wrong ={

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bridal Shower

This past weekend I had the opportunity to throw a bridal shower for my friend bekita! Ok thats not really her name, but thats what I call her =]

I DO LOOOVE throwing parties, but I think I would love it more if I didn't have a budget.

Budget or not everything turned out beautiful! With alot of help from my mom and a friend, the food was delicious, the people were awesome, and everyone was having a good time.

Here are a few pictures that captured the wonderful memories!

(Notice I FINALLY got my hair done! MUCH needed thank you!)

AND of coarse what would my friends bridal shower be without me making cupcakes... =]

It was a great weekend and I am super excited for my friend and that she is happy and madly in love!
I can't wait till the wedding! It is only 3 weeks away!
Of coarse I am not looking to the heat + pregnant body + bridesmaid dress that may/may not fit....
=] Oh joy!


I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to have a friend reunion with my best gals! There are a total of FIVE of us...and we have been through it ALL together...
We grew up together, went to school together, and now we have all got married and made babies and its CRAZY!

We all don't live near each other, but we had the opportunity to all be together for ONE day, and only for a couple of hours! I'm sad that it was so quick, but it was DEF much needed! ALTHOUGH...I would like to add we will get to see each other one more time this year when the last one out of all of us gets married! It's gonna be so fun!

They wanted to take this dorky picture, which for some reason I wasn't to thrilled. They are so wierd!