Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Some pumpkin BUTTA' for your MUDDA'

Have you ever heard of pumpkin butter?

Neither have I...
Well until recently. 
Apparently if your a big pumpkin fan, well then you probably will go into a pumpkin coma.

You see, pumpkin butter, or BuTtA', is a creamy blend of seasonal flavors. You spread it on toast, put in on pancakes, add it to your oatmeal, top it onto ice cream, smear it all over your face...

So you start with very simple ingredients... Easy Easy
(you will notice I used bottled lemon juice...I didn't have any lemons. Don't judge)

Then you throw all your ingredients into a saucepan, minus the lemon juice...

 Stir and bring to boil. Then reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes.

When it's done, patiently wait for it to cool..
she's so excited!

Then when it's ready it becomes a creamy goodness of pumpkin. (This is where you add the lemon juice)

You can either dip your hands in a lick away, or put in a jar and give it to someone...
But why do that, it's not like its a time for giving! =]

For the original recipe you can find it HERE.

Now go make some Butta'!


  1. So when is the lemon juice added?

  2. You add the lemon juice after its been simmering for about 30 minutes and been removed from the heat =] If you go to the original recipe, the directions are alot better than mine.

  3. What did you use for your ingredients. You have some things not in the recipe on the other site. What's in that big jar? Was that the brown sugar?

  4. I used pumpkin and all the spices. Except I didn't have ground cloves so I used pumpkin spice in stead, but I think cloves would have been better. I also used apple juice and lemon juice, and in the jar in Sucanant. Its like a brown sugar, just hasn't gone through all the process as brown sugar. It taste basically the same, but alot of people are unfamiliar about it lol. But I followed the recipe on that sight the same way just changed the pumpkin spice for cloves, and sucanant for brown sugar.