Monday, November 22, 2010

Have you ever Tim Tam Slamed?

When I woke up this morning I noticed something terrible had happened,

I  someone ate all my peanut butter!!
(It was most likely, I'm pretty sure, probably not, me...)

So, I licked scrapped what was left of the depressing PB jar and spread it on an english muffin with banaynays and coconut.

This some how made it all better.

So this weekend I was out with the hubby, baby boo, and some friends, and we were walking around Cost Plus World Market when my husband demanded we buy these:

Apparently they used to be called Tim Tams. I have NEVER, for as long as I have known my husband, had him demand we buy something sweet. I mean, he's demanded a frozen box of taquitos before, but never chocolate...
I think I am rubbing off on him.

Anyways, he begins to describe these cookies and how he wants to do a Tim Tam Slam. Now he's just talking CrAsY, which isn't abnormal I must add. 
So, I let him buy is precious cookies, and off we went continuing our shopping adventure, all the while he repeated, "I can't believe you have NEVER done a Tim Tam Slam!!"
"Yes, I know sweety, it's pretty crazy"

Little side note; you can buy these cookies at Target, and they are actually called Tim Tams. You don't have to go to a Cost Plus World Market. 

So...Do you want to know how to Tim Tam Slam??!!

First get a mug ready for you and the friends,

Fill with your favorite hot chocolate.
The hubby's is Olvaltine. Wierd.

Ok, we're a weird couple.

Here is the hubby plating the cookies so I can take a lovely picture for the blog. He's so cute. He wanted to do it all by him self ladies and gentlemen =]

And here we have the Tim Tams.

So, you take your cookie, and bite a little bit out of one corner,

(He is SOOO excited)

Then you take a little bite out of the opposite corner.

Then you dip your cookie in the hot chocolate and suck, like a straw, out of one of the corners. Keep sucking till you get hot chocolate in your mouth and your cookie starts to melt.

Common' let's all try!

After your cookie begins to melt, and your getting a good amount of hot chocolate, shove that Tim Tam in your mouth! 

It's probably the most disgusting, yet delicious thing I have ever done. 
Thank you hubby for introducing me to your white trash dessert =]
kidding kidding
I think all in all we Tim Tamed 75 times.
Which resulted in Tim Tam hang overs.

And even though the next morning my stomach was crampin from Tim Tammin, I was still able to get ready for church, and take cute pics with my baby boo =]

Now remember, if anyone ever asks you to Tim Tam Slam...
Just limit your self

Cuz you may be rolling each other to bed

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  1. they have the original TimTams at Vons this time of year!! mmm mmmm good!

    ps this is nikki, just too lazy to sign out of gregs account.