Friday, November 12, 2010

Food to Copy and Love in my Heart

I have been loving this 4 day weekend that we are having =]
Any extra time I get to spend with the Hubby...I'm HaPpY

We have had a great couple of days! Today we took a spin class together. Oh my LANTA! It was great =]
I think after about 20 minutes I was like, "40 MORE minutes!" The class seemed to last forever, but in the end I felt great. I like spin, but I prefer to exercise doing something where time goes by fast...
not painfully slow....

Along with working out butts, I have tried some AMAZING food that I am determined to replicate!

Creamy Goat Cheese:
How it's so creamy...I'll never know
(Excuse the bad pictures, taken via I-Phizzle)

Mashed Potato Pizza:
No joke. It's got gravy mashed potato, and fried chicken. Yea its like a freaking KFC pizza haha. I personally wasn't a fan, but I like chocolate covered lettuce. It was a rage among the rest of the fam dam.

Veggie Pizza:
My personal Fav. I think this wouldn't be too hard to make. It had peppers, black and green olives, tomatoes, cashews, mushrooms, and cheese , and sauce. I think I would sub goat cheese (go figure) and maybe use pesto sauce, with pine nuts...

 Beet Burger:
Ya! For Real! Twas' AmaZiNg!! I have NOO idea how they did it, but I am DETERMINED to copy...I will figure out the secret. I will I will!

Along with my obsession with food, I have another obsession which might be particularly healthier:

Keep Smiling and enjoy the weekend!

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