Monday, November 8, 2010

Rubber Ducky Cupcakes and Turkey Runs

Remember these?

Well, here is the end result:

Ignore the ugly cupcake wrappers. I had super cute paper ducky wrappers that wrapped around the outer edge of the cupcakes, but I ordered them online, and the picture was different then the end result. Don't you hate that!

Quack Quack...

On a side note...
Thanks giving is coming up and even though it's a holiday focused on EaTiNg more than our own body weight (guilty), I was thinking about participating in a turkey run. I have been doing research, and their are ton that donate money for others in need. What a better way to spend thanksgiving...

SO, hubby if your reading this, we are participating in a 5k...maybe on thanksgiving =]

Love ya bye!

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