Friday, October 30, 2009

BoW cHiKa PupPy ChOw

Happy Halloween Eve! I hope everybody has their costumes together. My hubby and I basically did our planning tonight...I guess you could say we are procrastinators. Well, I have done a few things and I haven't been able to put them up since my camera cord broke!! OH my gosh it was SO annoying! ... Anyways, long story short, I purchased a new one and everything is OKAY lol!
(p.s. my lovely hubby is currently watching a scary movie, so I am blogging as an excuse to get out of it. You see I LIKE being able to fall asleep at night haha)

Okay so I am sure many of you have experienced the child hood joys of eating **PuPpY cHoW** It is truly a favorite recipe.

Well I decided to make it a little seasonal and spice it up. Instead of the chocolatey-peanut butter flavor (which is still a fav) I switched it out for melted white chocolate and melted butterscotch. I also threw in some pretzels =]
All you do is follow the original recipe HERE, but instead take out the chocolate and peanut butter, and switch it for 3/4 cup melted white chocolate, & 3/4 cup melted butterscotch. MMMMmmm
Besides baking I decided to get SUPER crafty and make these adorable blocks for thanksgiving.
I got the idea from a cute little HERE for tutorial.
I also had left over crafts and made a frame =] Trust me I am NEVER this crafty!

Stay tuned for cute little cupcakes that I am making for a halloween party, as well as my husband and I's fantabulous constumes!! Happy Halloween! Eat tons of candy =]

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  1. You are too cute and crafty! Can't wait to see the costumes :) Me, I got to put all my energy into Jaren's costume this year. Luke and I being lame, dont dress up :) I can't wait to try the pumpkin recipe! Love the blog!