Friday, September 17, 2010

You late! For a Very Important Date!

It has been a while since I posted about cupcakes...
In my mind, too long.
Oh how i love you cupcakes...
and hate you at the same time.

Say Wha??

Ok so let me be real for a second here. I LOVE cupcakes...I LOVE to bake them and decorate them...
But due to a certain quality i lack in my life...self control... I tend to over eat and taste and sample while I bake.
It would be fine here and there but, well it's not JUST that. It is too hard to say NO!

So, am I going to give up baking for the sake of my booty? NEVER!!
I'm just going to tape my mouth shut while I bake =]


Ok so I was really excited when a family member asked me to bake for a 16 birthday party. YEA! I love parties! The theme was the Tim Burton movie Alice and Wonderland. Fun huh?

So I decided to do:
-Crazy Pretty Flowers
-And the Rabbits Clock

I had lots of other fun ideas but I have to remember not to get ahead of myself. Oh the things I could do with two extra arms.

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