Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bridal Shower

This past weekend I had the opportunity to throw a bridal shower for my friend bekita! Ok thats not really her name, but thats what I call her =]

I DO LOOOVE throwing parties, but I think I would love it more if I didn't have a budget.

Budget or not everything turned out beautiful! With alot of help from my mom and a friend, the food was delicious, the people were awesome, and everyone was having a good time.

Here are a few pictures that captured the wonderful memories!

(Notice I FINALLY got my hair done! MUCH needed thank you!)

AND of coarse what would my friends bridal shower be without me making cupcakes... =]

It was a great weekend and I am super excited for my friend and that she is happy and madly in love!
I can't wait till the wedding! It is only 3 weeks away!
Of coarse I am not looking to the heat + pregnant body + bridesmaid dress that may/may not fit....
=] Oh joy!


  1. SO... my birthday has come and gone already this year, but I'm sure you could make me one of those beautiful cupcakes just for the heck of it. Haha! Seriously though, those are awesome!

  2. umm your cupcakes are frikkin professional! omg your so good. and so cute! I wish i could have been there! miss all you guys