Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Baby Baby Part 1

The hubby and I are extremely blessed to have the people we have in our lives =]

Especially AmAzInG grandparents who are going to spoil our little girl into pieces!

A couple weekends ago I had a baby shower thrown by some friends and my mother in law. This was baby shower #1 of TWO! I know...spoiled!
The other baby shower was at my parents house thrown by my mom and friends.
I will get to the 2nd baby shower in another post though...

There was a great turnout of friends and family at my first baby shower! I cannot believe how much the hubby and I are LOVED! I am SOOOO grateful! Having a baby is expensive (so i hear lol) but with the help and love of friends and family, I think our little princess will have enough outfits to last her till KINDERGARTEN! =] (A girl can NEVER have TOO many clothes!)

So the morning started out with a delicious brunch: Belgian waffles, parfaits, muffins, OJ, fruit, etc..YUM!

Then we played some games, one of which made me NEVER want to feed my child baby food! haha. We did this thing where we had to test different flavors and decide the type of food it was. Let me tell you...chicken and broth...GROSS!

Then I opened presents! Which I think was a realization that this baby is coming...and there ain't nothing stopping her! =]

All and all our lil' family is extremely blessed! I can't wait to hold that little girl in my arms!...and dress her up in PINK PINK PINK!!

Here are a few pictures from the day.
(I wanted to put them sporadically throughout the blog, but for some reason the computer is being difficult)

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