Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Baby Baby Part 2!

As you know I was fortunate to have another baby shower at my parents house this past weekend.

And I had brought my *new* camera along, and took WAY too many pictures! And I just HAD to share!

Here I am with the two Grandmas-to-be =]

We played some pretty interesting games; including guess which melted candy bar is in the gross!

I opened gifts for my little baby girl...spoiled and blessed at the same time =]

Spent time with friends...

And my mom did the most amazing decorations. I swear she and Martha Stewart were separated at birth lol!

These were dresses I wore as a little girl. They were hung up around the house. Creative huh?!

My mom made this puffy tissue paper ball things. Aren't they cute!

Yummers! Homemade sugar cookies =]

Delicious Breakfast buffet! Crepes, potatoes, fruit, muffins, etc..

And we can't forget little Bella!


  1. I can definitely see where you get your many talents from... your Mom is amazing! So glad you and the baby got SPOILED. So much fun! Now if she would just get here. I am sad we are not going to be here for it. I hope it all goes well! Keep us posted!

  2. OMG your mom is amazing! Can she help my mom plan my baby shower in a couple of years? I'm so happy for you BFC! :)