Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bow Chika Bow Wow

Happy Weekend!

I love the weekends for many reasons.
1) They are relaxing
2) No work-even though I LOVE my job
3) No school for the hubbster
4) More Hubby and Me time!

This weekend is even better though. Not only is it because the weather is MUCH for suitable for me than it currently has been (NO RAIN TODAY!), but hubby and I are playing mommy and daddy to my parents dog Bella!

She is everything fun, and has been keeping me company. She is 100% active, and loves to play all the time. Especially when the hubby gets home!
She just loves him.

We even tried to give her a bath! Oh my gosh, I hope children aren't this hard to bath! She freaked out as soon as she was done, and was running all over the place shaking, and rubbing her face on the floor! We were busting up laughing!

All Clean!

Today I also attempted in making some delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies. Now before you go crazy, just hear me out. Even though they have NO butter, No refined Sugar, or Artificial Sugar, No eggs, no nothin! They were BOMB(in the words of my hubby!)

Not even pulling your leg, we were shocked! I had two and hubby had three, and we only stopped so we could have room for dinner! It goes to show healthy eating doesn't have to be ENTIRELY painful!

Don't believe me, try it for you self! E-mail if you want the recipe =]

Much Love

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