Friday, February 26, 2010

I am AlIvE!!

SO, I have kinda disappeared off the blogging for a while =]
(I was trying not to bake SOO much since I wanted to get figure friendly)

But i decided I need to pick it back up.
I love doing it, and it kept me busy!

And you can always PIG out! Just as long, as you do it right =]

And now that I am prego, I can bake and eat....and not feel TOO guilty!

So here is the latest...

Our families met at a special clinic so they could all see the baby is a 4D ultrasound! It was amazing and beautiful! There was about 12 us in the room, which made it super hot!! But it was an amazing experience to have all our friends and family there, so they could hear the heart beat and find out the gender. Here is the whole gang!

So funny story, when it came time to find out the gender of the baby and the little buggers legs were crossed, and we were trying SO hard to get ITS legs uncrossed, the nurse was even shaking my belly a little, but it wouldn't budge...I think I sense a little bit of stubbornness. So I decided to take some action. I RAN down the hall to the bathroom, did my biznaz, and RAN back...and guess what..LEGS...UN-CROSSED! SO..any predictions as to what our bundle of joy is?


I knew it! I was buying girl clothes, because I was determined she was a well...she! I knew when she wouldn't uncross her legs, she was truly a princess!

Here is our first family photo =]
(P.S. I truly to love the Hubbster, I think we were just in a little shock, haha do we look shocked?)

Here I am at 16 weeks. The Brain is still developing, that is why it looks funny hehe!

Besides bakin' a bun in MY personal oven, I was excited when a family member asked me to make cupcakes for the kids at her wedding. The only thing, they had to be gluten, egg, and nut free!

Take a look! My camera is slightly broken. For some reason the camera is not focusing very well, and the colors turn out well, orangey.

I love to bake, I love to decorate. If I could, I would attend baking and pastry school! Maybe some day! I would also love to open my own bakery! I think I live in fantasy land haha!

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