Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ms. Diva

Everyday I am reminded how lucky I am to be me.

Not to brag

But I have the CUTEST little girl.

Who, I might add, is obsessed over polka dots.

Which means every outfit she wears has polka dots on it. 
If not, she gets very upset.

Unless she is on a polka dot BlAnKeT...
then it's ok.

Such a diva.

Just like her mamma =]

And us divas like to have fun.

Like going to an aquarium.

And, take probably one out 5 of our family photos.

Ok, maybe six family photos total.

Ok, now seven.

That's because we have a million photos of this little angel.

Maybe if she would just stop being so silly...

I think she is just a show off really...

At least she doesn't cross the line like her daddy.

Don't worry. He's just trying to be funny.

Hardy har har har

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