Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Switching Web Sites

Ok, so I have just been informed that I cannot add anymore pictures to my blog because its too FULL! What is this?!? I have never heard of this before?

Apparently I have to purchase more space...


But seriously, 

I had some really awesome things to post.

So now I am lost.

Maybe this is an answer to my prayers.

Because I have been deciding wether I want to switch from blogger to a .COM, but I really know nothing about it.

Am I good enough to switch from blogger to a real web page?

Any suggestions would be helpful =]

One more thing about this whole "blog space too full deal"



  1. Oh my gosh, finally. Blogspot sucks. Basically you need Wordpress. From there you can purchase your own domain name (www.YOURBLOG.com) and have better tools.

    A lamer but hipper and free option is to jump to Tumblr which has become extremely popular and is extremely simple to use. You just have to tweak the privacy and what not.


  2. tumblr is great, i am wondering about typepad and wordpress and such. i heard squarespace is great, too!

  3. really?! I've had blogspot for 3 years and have put TONS of pics and videos and I've NEVER gotten a message like that!