Wednesday, April 7, 2010

**Pretty Pretty DiVa**

I love shopping for little girl things =]

BUT do you know what I love more..

MAKING little girl things!
It makes me feel...crafty =]

I have been going around looking at cute lil baby shops, and I see tons and tons or tutu's!

And well...since my baby is already a **DiVa**...I knew she had to have one.

But instead of buying one, I decided to make one =] or two =]....

And it is SUPER easy!!
All you need is:
-An elastic band
-Tulle, any color

-All you do is make your elastic into the size waistband you can sew or tie the ends together
-Then tie strips of Tulle onto the waistband. ALL the way around!
-Then you can add ribbon of any kind to the waistband as well..
-That's it!

It can be as DIVA as you want...

Or as Pretty Pretty Princess as you want!

I also made baby onesies. I found really cute glitter paper that you can iron onto shirts. You just cute whatever desired shape you like, and iron it on!

I am no Martha Stewart, but it was fun!

I am one proud mamma!

I can't wait for my lil **DIVA** to arrive!

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