Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flower Power

Ok so I have been baby crazy lately...bare with me =]

But I just HAD to post about this certain topic.

Since I am 3 months away from being a mother...(AHHH)
I have been trying to get everything together, little by little.

I just SO happened to walk into this amaaaaaazing baby boutique!
But everybody knows baby boutique doesn't mean CHEAP =]
I was just in awe of all the utmost adorable things they had to offer, and alot of it had to do with flowers. Everything was soooo cuuute. But when I saw the prices, and remembered I am no Housewife of Orange County (no offense...totally addicted to the show)..I figured the $30 one-sies probably were NOT in my price range...nor the hubby's =]

So I decided to rely on creativity...mine def struggles, but I have to start somewhere...

I tried to replicate a shirt I saw in the store, which was close to 30 dollars. You want to know my total cost. Don't pass out!


And it doesn't look SOO incredibly bad =]

I can tell I have alot more flower power left in me...Oh the ideas in my head!

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