Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Being a couple days away...hopefully...from being a new mom, I have alot of time on my hands, since I am playing the waiting game. And what better way to spend my time then doing something I LOVE..BAKE!

Except today was NOT my day for baking. Have you ever had to do THIS...
Thats right, I threw away a whole batch of red velvet cupcakes. I was SO disappointed! I had been SO excited because I had never made a red velvet cake, and wanted to try something new. Well it totally blew, tasted like pure OIL, and I couldn't even peel off the wrappers. SO with my hormones in some what of a rage, I grabbed them and threw them in the trash! Yes...I and I may have shed a tear...

Ok so after I sat on the couch and finished telling myself I was a failure...(I admit, I was being a big BABY...) I got up and decided I was better than that, and it really wasn't the end of the world. SO, I tried again. But I switched styles. Instead I tried out a recipe that I had been dying to try out.

So I followed the recipe to the EXACT, and then I baked it in the oven, and when it was done, I pulled it out. I let it cool, then went to take it out of the pans...and well...

THIS is what happened...
Yep, it fell apart. By this point, well...you don't want to know what was going through my head, or coming out of my mouth for that matter =]...But let's just say I was NOT happy.

Well then I got to thinking, there HAS to be something to do with extra cake crumbs. I know I could have made a triffle, or even Cake Balls, but I had been there, done that, and didn't have all the right ingredients. And then I came up with this...

Cake in a Jar
1. Start with a jar, and scoop cake into the bottom.

2. Then add frosting on top.

3. Then repeat until you reach the top.
4. Close jar, tie with bow, make it look cute, and give it away as a gift =]

I was pretty proud of myself! I didn't think I could pull anything off at this point, but it ended up being a great success!

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