Sunday, May 30, 2010

Birthdays and Baseball

My hubby and I are one busy lil family. I feel like we never have time to party and relax!
So there hasn't been much to really update on the ol' bloggy blog until recently.

First up, we celebrated my hubby's 33rd birthday....hahha...jk jk...29....ok ok...26!( I like to give the ol' man a hard time =] )
Here he is showin off his new kicks he got! Such a dork/major stud!

(Pay NO attention to my disaster of a closet. Between my hubby and I's shoes, clothes, & accessories obsession there really is no room. I could organize, but......=] )

After the over the hill birthday celebration, we had the opportunity last night to attend the San Diego Padres baseball game. We were pretty stoked because we love going to sporting events together. Ever since we have been married, I have been more and more accustomed to watching/playing sports. The hubby will always try and play catch with me, and thinks even though I claim to be 100% girly, I have a secret athletic side...But then I will destroy all hopes of that when we will be watching a baseball game and I say, " We need to make another goal!" I have to promise him that our daughter will be a little more knowledgeable in the athletic area, and I won't pass on my genes haha!

Anyways, we had GREAT seats! Always a benefit when attending sporting events! Special thanks to wonderful family members!

Isn't he just dreeeaaammmyyy =]

Overall we had a blast, and even got a free bobble head! I have always wanted one!

We have a very exciting next couple of months coming up, so I promise the bloggy won't be so left alone for a long period of time.
Coming up this weekend I am throwing a bridal shower for close to 100 people! I KNOW! This girl is one popular diva! I am doing all the desserts for the party, so you know I will be posting some pics of all the sweets!

Until next time! MUCH LOVE!!

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